Latex Printing Services

We are now offering our latex printing services to our fellow designers!

Email for latex printing inquiries & price quotes.

Choose from OUR SIGNATURE PRINTS OR ANY PRINT your heart desires.

We will also print your latex clothing labels for your latex brand! 

After many years of careful innovation, it is safe to say, we are the official #masterofprintedlatex We are the only design/fashion company in the USA that prints on latex & we have mastered the art of couture latex printing.

With proper care, abstaining from sunlight & keeping latex powdered & dry, our prints will never rub off or smudge. They are designed & crafted with the care & skill to last! 

Here's an example of some of our prints:

Kim K's photographic denim shorts print for Got Milf

Bandana print for Beyonce/Designer Vex Clothing 

White on red bandana print

What's GUCCI? GUCCI in black on antique gold latex.