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A lot of iconic pieces were custom designed by Bizarre Fetish Couture for each individual celebrity based on their specific needs for tour pieces, music videos, awards shows, photo ads etc.

Bizarre Fetish Couture helped break the internet when they designed custom denim print latex corset booty shorts for Kim K in Fergie's Milf $ video. Bizarre Fetish Couture cinched Kim K so far in after Kim just had a baby that everyone insisted she was photoshopped. Kim K fired back with  #fuckyophotoshop #corsetlife


Another iconic moment was made when Bizarre Fetish Couture created Fergie's "Slippery When Wet" top for her Milf $ music video. At 226 million views, the money shot was milk being poured on Fergie's custom "slippery when wet" latex halter crop & high waisted booty shorts. Bizarre Fetish Couture customed designed 37 pieces in under 2 weeks for Fergie's Milf $ video. 

Bizarre Fetish Couture also created the look "Ferrari Fergie," which consists of a latex transparent pink bodysuit, stockings, garters & an overcoat, for Fergie's 'Hungry' music video featuring Rick Ross. Uh. 


Bizarre Fetish Couture designed a low cut pink halter piece and bottoms for Nicki Minaj's 2017 appearance at the VMAs.


Bizarre Fetish Couture is one of the few designers to create latex inflatable wigs, accessories & boobs. She just finished working with Nicki Minaj creating inflatable arm accessories for her 'Barbie Tings' music video. 


Bizarre Fetish Couture/Atsuko Kudo custom designed a playboy bunny style mask for Ariana Grande's  A Capella song 'Dangerous Woman,' with over 76M views. They both slammed it. 


Bizarre Fetish Couture styled The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Erika Jayne for Paper Magazine's Christmas Special. 

Kelly Rowland slays in custom latex head gear

Custom printed latex bone catsuit for Mosh

Musician Alice Glass in custom latex catsuit

Tyra Banks donned a skin-tight, black-and-gold latex bodysuit

? but make it fashion #BreakTheInternet

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Pop queen from Mexico City, Yuri, performs in custom latex trench coat and kitty mask

The custom nun head dress <habit> worn by glamourist Dita Von Teese

Alice Glass in red latex gloves

NYC tattoo artist Megan Massacre in custom latex dress

Rupaul's Drag Queen Detox rocks this performance in a custom inflatable latex long pony tail wig

Tyra Banks wears tiger print latex bodysuit for Paper Magazine shoot