Puimond Corsets

Puimond began professionally making corsets in 1997, his obsession for detail and unique patterns have made him the industry go-to person. His corsets have been featured in magazines like Skin Two, Marquis, Loaded, and Style, and he’s been commissioned by celebrities from Mamie Van Doren to Madonna.

While he’s famed for his custom waist nipping elaborate pieces, stylists know he’s also the man to turn to for functional body-shaping undergarments, and 90% of the time his standard-sized corsets fit like they were made-to-measure.

A commitment to contoured design and uncompromising quality goes into every Puimond corset. Puimond only uses the highest-quality materials, from heavy-busk closures down to the imported English cotton coutil lining every one of his creations. The high-end leather, lacings, and heavy stitching make all of his corsets strong enough to withstand any tight-lacing routine, and the patterned hourglass waistline form fits with extra curvature over rib cage and hips without painful pressure.

Hand made of luxurious materials,
Puimond's bespoke corsets are designed
to accentuate all the right curves
with unparalleled durability.

Crafted in quality silks or luscious leathers,
decorated in Swarovski crystals
or finished with with hand-sewn bows,
in styles for any occasion.

Est. 1997