beGLOSS Latex Lubricant

After a lot of trauma working with an array of really shitty lubes, we finally met the LATEX LUBRICANT OF OUR DREAMS & that is

beGLOSS Bitchezzz

Experience a new wearing comfort and an intense sensation on your skin !!! 

beGLOSS is kind to your skin and doesn't stick !!!
This new line of care products is an excellent and reliable complement to extend the lifespan of your latex garments. 

beGLOSS  products used in combination will lead to an extended lifespan of latex & fetish garments (when properly used).

Our latex is crafted using the highest quality rubber imported from the UK & worn by models, celebs & fetishists across the world. That being said, it deserves the best latex polish/preserver on the market. Over many years of trial & error with various latex lubricants, beGLOSS is handsdown the best & most reliable because of its UV Sun Protection that prevents the latex from breaking down !!!

beGLOSS is used with a latex polishing cloth that ensures the polish completely absorbs into the latex pores for optimal protection.