Bizarre Fetish Couture Statement of Authenticity

We sketch, conceptualize, design, PRINT & assemble each & every single piece ourselves in downtown Los Angeles. Each piece we create is 100% original & customized by us. We NEVER outsource nor do we dropship anyone else's products outside of the Bizarre Fetish Couture label. Every single piece on this website was all us from start to polish!  

Shipping Instructions

Please expect a 2 week turnaround time for all custom latex orders that are not in the Shop Now, Ships Now section. Items in the Shop Now, Ships Now section are currently in stock and will ship within 72 hrs.

Our custom pieces, crafted from high quality imported latex, ship best in boxes. Boxes provide the durability required for shipping quality latex. 

Return Policy

All sales are final. However, if there is an issue with the way your garment fits, we are more than happy to accept fit adjustments on all CUSTOM orders that are MADE TO MEASURE. Simply mail your garment back to us with your fit adjustment instructions, and we will adjust accordingly and mail back to you. Please allow for 1 week turnaround time for all custom fit adjustments. 


Lube yourself with silicone based lubricant before putting on your latex. Latex is made from rubber, so just like putting on a condom, you have to glide your latex on with lube. Put some lube on both your skin AND the latex for maximum glide and snug fit.


Wash your latex off after use with generous amounts of luke warm water & dish soap, preferably in a shower/tub situation. Make sure your latex dries completely and isn’t wet on the inside, as the moisture will cause the latex to stick to itself. Make sure to dry completely, as the latex will be spotty if not completely dry. Dry with a fan when possible.


Sunlight destroys latex. Keep out of the sun and store in a cool, dry place.


Dark latex stains light latex, especially white latex. Keep them away from each other.


Metals stain latex. Keep them away.


Alcohol based liquids deteriorate latex, especially printed latex. Keep away from perfumes, nail polish remover & room sprays; essentially ANYTHING alcohol based.


Keep prints and hand painting details powdered or lubed, as it will stick to itself when dry.